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Hybrid Kit Хибриден комплект зарядно и батерии на цена 49.00 лв. от Sexwell sexshop

Hybrid Kit

Хибриден комплект зарядно и батерии описание:

Хибриден комплект магнитен USB кабел за зареждане и батерии за линията секс играчки BATTERY + на Fun Factory.

Предназначен за употреба с артикули: 13184, 13187, 13188, 13189, 13192, 13193, 13194

Коментари за Хибриден комплект зарядно и батерии

Sexwell (2021-03-22 12:47:21)
Hello Anon
The Hybrid charger is meant to charge only rechargeable batteries. The ones that are included into the Hybrid kit are compatible with all Battery + toys: ABBY G, MR BOSS, DARLING DEVIL, and DIVA DOLPHIN.

We sell this product and the Battery+ toys for two years and we have never received any complain about this charger.

If there was some kind of defect with your Hybrid Kit, it has guarantee. Please, contact our office at 0884 531053 for replacement and proper usage instruction.
anon (2021-03-20 18:00:59)
Doesn't work, waste of money, don't buy it.

Says it works with product 13193 but it doesn't. The charger itself lights up but when I connect it the control panel doesn't light up, batteries don't charge.

Don't buy.



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